Wine Tours Uruguay - Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo

Winery visit from Buenos Aires

Winery visit from Buenos Aires

Date: 17/01/2020

Description of the Tour

Indulge yourself visiting (and tasting amazing wines) just a 1 1/4 hs from your hotel in Buenos Aires, guided by your wine connoisseur guide in the charming Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay).

The trip starts in the Buquebus port (Av. Antartida Argentina nº821, Buenos Aires, Argentina) or the Colonia Express port (Av. Elvira Rawson De Dellepiane nº155, Buenos Aires, Argentina). You should get there 1 hour in advance for checking in and clearing custom. Don't forget your passport and ferry tickets, don't worry, there isn't a reciprocity fee to be paid... Consider a 30 minutes ride in a taxi from most locations.

Your guide will be waiting for you at the Colonia port. From there you will visit two wineries in the outskirts, the diving throughout the countryside is beautiful and relaxing.

At the first winery, you will get to know a big and an industrialized winey, tasting premium wines paired with some appetizers.

At the second location, you will visit a boutique winery (producing only 6.000 bottles a year, perhaps the smallest in the world!), where wines are a passion more than a business. You will enjoy their premium wines paired with a "picada" (different types of cheese and hams, bread, olives, etc) and meeting the owner-winemaker.

You will be back at the Colonia Port or the Historical quarter of the city at 2 pm for enjoying the afternoon at your free leisure. You can return to Buenos Aires at 5:00 pm or 7:45 pm.

We know you deserve it!


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